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Mini books

First I am happy to tell you that I got away for a sleep over at a beauuutiful island! It was fun and good just to get away. There were nice patterns in the sand from the outgoing tide.



Wouldn’t that be an interesting quilt pattern?! We did not know what to expect as off shore Samet island there was  a massive oil spill the month before. Thankfully we were on the other side of the tiny island and the water was clean.


If it looks like paradise that’s because it is! then again, this was taken during our morning stroll at six thirty! Not too many people around as you can see.


Yours truly. I just love a quiet beach. So that was a nice outing.

Then this week I got to play with my craft things. First I made some inchies, felted ones.



A yellow one that will go travelling. Felting with more wool roving which makes for a bird in a nest, and the lower ones with shells from the island. I collected quite a few bits and pieces and brought home some sand as well.

Today I sat down to make some little books.


First, a white softy, hand felted. I love the feel of these little books. I am trying many different ways and materials to see what I like and what looks good.


This one got a bit of lace. I stitched it lightly to the cover and glued it. glue never stays where it should in my experience, so lace wass a safe way to prevent any trouble.


This one was sown to the cover and embellished with coral pieces.


Meet the linen minis. Linen and lace, I really want to make more of these, such a nice combo.


They are not called minis for nothing.. I have a thing for tiny things. Now f I can figure out how to add a key chain, I will be all set! who knew that one piece of A4 paper could make a book?


Leather edition. Leather and glue doesn’t really work well for me,mostly because it shows every smudge. but I do like leather journals, so this I could see in a bigger format as well.


Hmm, did I mention that they are small, you know, like really, really small?!


Meet the three happy sisters. these are hard backs, if you can consider dog food boxes hard. The fabric is glued on to the card board and the first and last pages glued to the cover. “Real books”, if you please. they have colored pages inside.


A friend brought me back some mod podge  from the States and I had to try it out on all sorts of things. Nothing is safe when I get the good idea to test something. I now have a beautiful new light switch in my room instead of the old yellowish one, thanks to some fabric and mod podge. I covered a small terracotta pot, a wooden box, the back of my phone and this little book. This cover is a piece of cotton with a few layers of said gluey stuff. I love it, it didn’t even smudge the cheap ink from my printer. I now have a future in collages and altered whatevers! I glued all the books today with it,as I think it dries faster then regular white glue.


So here is my new collection of little books. Not bad for one morning of work, or play really.


They are sitting on the shelf now. Now I know why we call it a book shelf! I can make a whole library of these. Amaris suggests  make a Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games. I am not sure about that, but we’ll see.

which books do you find the best? I am curious to know!

I hope that you have fun making something pretty this week!

See you soon,



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