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Another finish!

Well, I’ll tell you what finished, my camera batteries did yesterday when I wanted to take pictures of my new quilt. I promptly went out and bought new ones, but lo and behold, they are nowhere to be found today. Funny things do happen! So I got these pics by slowly taking one or two and then waiting for the battery to give it a little bit more for one more shot! It’s one way to spend a morning.

Anyway, I finally finished my June doodle:

I was worried about sewing circles. I did not need to worry as the beads cover my shortcomings very well,lol!

I certainly was not stingy with the beads on this one and the painting was lots of fun. As usual, once I start, it just takes on a life of its own. It’s stopping that’s hard!

I also found a way to display some of my inchies. a nice wooden frame from the 2$ store (Yes, we have that here!) and a piece of canvas.


This looks presentable sitting on my shelf like that! ūüôā I am very happy with it and plan to add or exchange the inchies every month or so. Actually I am working toward 100 natural colored inchies, which I hope to frame under glass.

Something like this. this is not my work, sadly, it’s from the book Inchies by Peggy Donda-Kobert. They just really look good in collections.

You see what I mean? This is from the same book. I am keeping my eyes open for interesting bits of nature to stick onto my 100 collection. I think I will raid the kitchen for some coffee beans and anise stars and the like. That’s nature too, right?

Aaaaand I finished my log cabin quilt.

From this to….

this in three days. By the way, I do not recommend anyone to sew 36 circle wreaths in three days. My shoulders are not thanking me, but i AM HAPPY NEVERTHELESS!


Monday I dyed a batch of fabric, as I wanted the back of the quilt to match. It was a major flop and I now have five meters of assorted pink and peach fabric! I did get a piece for the back of this quilt, but not really the color I had in mind. I will try harder to follow the Thai instructions on the dyes next time,loll! Or the English ones underneath, once I scratch off the Thai with  steel wool.


I quilted it with feather wreaths. I felt very brave doing that to be honest. It’s my first time to not just do an overall design. I marked the spine and went for it. I used four different thread colors to go with the fabric.


It was really fun and I want to do more wreaths like this. they just come together so nicely. I was about two thirds done when I decided to make the wreaths in any direction without turning the whole thing around every time. It worked too! ūüôā


And it has been approved as a lay mat. This is not truly it’s original goal, it will most likely travel home with a friend to cooler climates. I absolutely love the terracotta red and the browns in this. I will try again to dye some more fabric in these shades. My first hand dyed quilt and my first log cabin. It’s 60 inches square.



I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I know I will, I am invited to a nice dinner with a friend in a beautiful hotel restaurant along the river in Bangkok tomorrow.

I hope to be back here soon with new batteries to tell you about my adventures in book binding.

See  you soon,







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Well, you didn’t know it would take me a week to find my talkative self, did you?


It didn’t, but I just could not find the timed to sit here and chat with you. This is truly my first opportunity. Well, this drawing is the March doodle and I love it so much, there isn’t anything that I would change.


Here it is stitched out. I used grey thread for the inside of the leaves, and the purple lines are still not ironed out here.


All ironed out. I really, really like the clean lines of this motive!


And then I got too busy to take pictures step by step. First, I painted the veins of the leaves a pearly white, then added the big black oval beads. Next, I mixed some ¬†pearly white and black to get grey and painted the ‘braids’ and then added the other beads to the swirls. I was watching a movie or two at the same time, which is why I didn’t remember to take pics. One thing I like about beads is that I can remove them if I am not happy with the result. I did just that as it got a bit bead heavy somewhere along the way. It was a good movie, you see.


I loved to paint the braids, such good fun!


Sparkly, pearly paint! Hmm, life is good. I went and bought four fabric dye colors in Bangkok last weekend, and then promptly forgot them in my locker! So I have four kinds of brown waiting for me to play with, just as soon as I can get my hands on them! I already have a white second hand sheet to cut up for the occasion. You see, I am itching to go!!

But I have been keeping busy. I have made most of my four inch stars for my new quilt! I trimmed all their sides, which was no small undertaking.


My colorwheel.


It’s official, I like my stars! Now I have to get up the courage to cut the eight inch stars, I think I need 28 of them. There are some colors of this Artisan Batik that I haven’t used yet, these little stars used only five colors of the eight that I have. Hmmm, I think I am starting to feel the urge to go cut!

These two helped me play with the stars.


The other quilt I am working on is making progress too!


Make a bunch of yoyos.


Make a dozen little hexie flowers.


Assemble all with stitching and applique. I need 31 squares like this and I have 24 of them made. Some have birds and some have hexies, all have spools and thread. I am hoping to finish this project during the summer holidays! I am sorry this picture is so¬†crumpled, ¬†these squares travel in my handbag and I add a little here and there whenever I can. They will¬†alternate¬†with 16 patch blocks in blue and pink. It’s hard to explain, I will just have to show you when I get there!

I am also looking forward to a week of holidays in Vietnam at the end of the month. I like holidays!! To be honest, I NEED holidays as it’s been pretty hectic around here.

I hope that you get some free time too!

See you again soon,



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So,, it is March already? Well, I just finished my doodle quilt piece for February. I had a lot of fun with it and made it mine by changing a few things.

I made my loops more curly and did FMQ swirls for the background.

I went bead crazy as usual, I don’t think it will surprise anyone.


I sewed three crystals in the middle, since nothing else fit. I think it looks like a plant with tendrils, which is fine by me.


I like all the beads! Also, I am apparently too tired to write a decent post. I had a long weekend and am taking care of a son post surgery, go figure! I think I’ll take a nap and pamper myself for the rest of the day, housework can wait. I might also go look at the block for March and get inspired by that!!

I will be back when I can be my usual talkative self, lol!

Have a great week ahead of you!

See you soon,


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Today was my last day of work at College, now I will have a looong holiday! I still have lots of other work, of course, but this gives me an extra day in the week, yipee!

I made and sent a fabric postcard to Liz. The fabric is hand dyed and it is my first attempt at couching. I love doing a small projects like this because I know I can finish it in one morning.


Next I played with fabric and paint. I am hoping to try a different technique every week and so build up my stash of home dyed fabrics.


Well, I started off with a blue berry smoothie. My friend found frozen blue berries, so I had to try. It’s rather good too with a banana, some¬†yogurt, some blueberries and a spoon of honey, yumm!

Then I started to lay out all my stuff. Hmm, yes, I had a cup of coffee too.


I found a cute stamp the day before, so that was my beginning point, to make some coordinated prints on the three backgrounds.


It’s nice what you can get for three dollars!


My first prints were too wet, so they bled.


I got better with some practice, thankfully! This took a while to do as I ‘inked’ the stamp by painting onto it with a paint brush for every print.


I learned to use a minimum of water,pretty much just to apply the color as it comes from the tube. the prints were much better that way. I used the Pentel Fabricfun paints that you can see with the layout on the table.


What do you think? I am very pleased with the result! I am trying to decide what I want to sew with these pieces.

Next I wanted to try my self made stamp.


My leaf, I love this print, I don’t know why. I do not, however, love the light brown that came out of the tube. It looks like something I’d rather not spell out here. I made the stamp from a lowly eraser.


See, and now, my shopping list has need of another dozen erasers! This is actually much easier to apply to the fabric because it is soft and easy to press down and lift up.


I like them! It took me much less time to do these then the round prints. The fabric is a second hand sheet that I previously dyed, and I just have too much of it, so I wanted to jazz it up a bit. I really need to add some brown to this collection.

Of course, I never know where to stop, so next I cut a kitchen sponge into a circle.


It didn’t work as I had hoped because once again, the paints were too wet and soaked right in. I fiddled around with it until I used only the outside of the circle and got these rings with a modern feel. I can see them as a background or blenders.


Look what’s blooming!

It took me all morning to print these fabrics and I had fun! It is relaxing to just focus on little shapes and to forget the rest of the world for a while. I really enjoyed it and needed the break. We’ve had a few tense moments last week as my husband fell off a motorcycle and broke his collar bone. Which meant a late night visit to the emergency ward and a couple more check ups the next day. Not my favorite activities!! Anyway, things a better now and he will heal up. Then there were some questions about one of my son’s upcoming college education. God is good and this situation solved itself by him being offered a scholarship for the first year to one of the best schools in Thailand. I have a lot to be thankful for, and besides the big things I am very thankful for fun times to be in the garden and play around like this!


New arrivals in my garden. Flowers make me happy.

Ok, I will have to go now.

I hope that you get some free time too to do something fun!

See you soon,


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Doodle quilter 2013

Hello there! I have finally gotten around to doing the January doodle quilter flower. I know, I know, it’s February, in fact, it’s Valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day everyone! It’s been the perfect morning to sit and listen to some nice music and go bead crazy. That’s exactly what I did, and the house clean up will just have to wait! So here are the pictures of my piece;

First I copied the design from the picture on Facebook. I took liberty and changed it a little.

Here is my drawing, it looks a bit naked, but I had plans to dress it up!

Since I was very slow on getting going with this project, I had plenty of time to go buy myself some white and gray fabric, nice shiny grey thread and an assortment of beads. I actually had NO black beads in my collection before this. I am very pleased with my new additions.

Aha, transfer to fabric with the nice fine liner I bought last year from Leah Day. It worked very well and actually became bluer after a few minutes.

Here it is, at this point I REALLY wanted to get going sewing, as I haven’t been at the machine for a couple of weeks. I finally decided to go with white fabric and black thread.

I stitched it all on Tuesday and washed out the blue pen. Wednesday I took it along to college and inked in the black while my dear students had to restudy their spelling words, because they failed to do their homework and so failed their spelling test. There is an upside to everything. It actually beats me why 19 year olds cannot go home and do their homework, but that’s another story.

Over lunch I sewed on the black circle of beads. I didn’t dare to start in the middle, because I figured I might want to do something with the grey thread there.


Ta daah! I quilted the background with little loops, added some more stamen or frilly things or whatever you want to call them. and then the fun began and I added lots of beads!


I am tempted to want to add something more to the “naked” black line or to go with some glitter glue. We’ll see.

I will wait one day and then decide. I have to wait one day because it is lunchtime, and today is weekly shopping, plus some teaching, plus maybe a home made pizza for Valentine’s day dinner. There are only so many hours in a day! Honestly, I would not want more hours, I think we’d just fine that we’d have yet more to do.

I do want to show you the latest addition to our family.


We have two new guinea pigs, named nugget and Kellogs. Ahhh, no, we are not planning on eating them, apparently they got their names because of their colors. Amaris has a new full time job cutting grass around the neighborhood as they eat 24/7. They do also get pellet food and cucumbers. Amaris bought them as her own birthday present and keeps them a safe distance from our dogs. That is a smart move in my opinion, as our little dogs go into barking ecstasy over every frog and cockroach they find. They would probably lose their voices if they got to meet the guinea pigs!


And here is what we did for her birthday. We went to the beach!


Here is what I did there, I trimmed the corners of my triangles.


Much better now!


And here is what the girls did, they climbed around the big rocks and swam. They are the two skinny people there out on the rock. It was a wonderful day!

Ok, I gotta go. I hope you have a wonderful day and treat yourself to something special!


Bye bye,



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