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Hello there! Remember me? I am still alive, although you probably think I fell off the planet. I cannot believe that a month has passed and I have not been blogging.

Well, no use crying over spit milk, I did finish a few things and start too many others.

Let’s see, Tiger’s quilt


Here it is, all puffy like. at first I wanted to trim the border, then I thought to applique something onto it, but in the end I left it as it is.

I also finished Irmelin’s baby quilt, but have no picture for it. ūüė¶

Then I had a long weekend and played around. First, I put together a pink baby quilt, which I have the top for and have bought the batting, but just cannot get around to quilting it yet.


I had great fun fusing the flowers and sewing zig zag stems, somehow I really love this little quilt. I need to finish it soon. Then I cut into my home dyed fabric and decided to make some log cabin blocks. I started out with four, then upped it to 16.


Ok, the colors are much better in person and since it is evening I cannot get better shots. I had great fun laying them out all different ways, but I knew I wanted to make a barn raising. I think that’s what it’s called, right? It looked so good that I made some more, you know, to get a bigger quilt!


Aha, obviously I still needed the corners at this point. I got this top assembled and liked it soo much that I could not finish it without dying some more fabric the same color for the back and binding! I am afraid it will be one of those never ending projects. I went and bought the dyes and am now tempted to want to make it a full 80 inch square quilt. Hmmmm, I really, really like the colors, they are very calming and pretty to me. What do you think?? 60 ” or 80″. It already went from 40 to 60. well, I don’t have the same kind of cotton in the house and am a bit shy to go spend a lot more this month, so we will see how this goes.

Yes, two unfinished quilts!!

I did buy a new set of Inktense color pencils, 36 colors!, and spend a couple of days trying and learning how to blend and get different effects.


Stitching, coloring and then applying fabric medium, or the other way around. the trick is to not let the medium leak out  beyong the color as it does stain the fabric. You can see that on the flower top right.


They say practice makes perfect, I am not sure about that, but It does improve some with time. this one is not stitched yet.


this one is BIG, about A 4. there is something sooo relaxing about painting and playing around like this, it’s therapeutic!! I will spare you having to see all the other pictures, but I now have plenty of in between stitching projects for when the mood hits. On these pieces I just put ¬†very little pencil around the edges and then smudged it with the fabric medium. This works best for me to get soft colors and not mess up with the medium.

And then……. I ¬†found felting needles in Bangkok. What are the chances? I have been wanting to learn felting for a while. So whlie teaching a grammar lesson I look outside my room to see a mom peacefully felt a small animal! I went to talk to her and ask where, how and how much. Bangkok s a city of about 12 million people and it can take you forever to get anywhere in heavy traffic. getting lost a few times does not help either and monsoon season likewise is an added hindrance. But I soooo wanted those supplies. Imagine my pleasure when she had bought her stuff just three minutes away from the school!!

Here are my humble first attempts,


A tiger. Now honestly, I do not need a tiger key chain, but the kits have all the wool, needle and instructions to make it and I felt it would be good to learn how to do it right. He is friendly fellow and here to stay.


This is such easy fun. Alyssa was intrigued , so she helped me put some swirls and mentioned that they look like eyes. we decided to follow the idea and made this happy  person together. His curly locks where borrowed/stolen from my fancy felted journal that I bought on Etsy and showed you last time.

Today I was sure I would clean the house, but alas, the needle called to me. I started to make two little book covers as I am also attemting to bind my own notebooks. I know, I know, I have a lot of plans!


This is from a ball of wool that I have sitting on my shelf. I don’t have a felting mat, but a Scotch Brite works just fine! the spongy side of it. Alyssa’s sales pitch to Amaris was cute: “This is fun, you can get rid of all your anger by poking the stuff!” Which she did again this morning. we also played a game by looking at pretty wool batts on Etsy and choosing a favorite from each page. That was her idea, I was trying to bookmark some options to buy.


In the works. It wouldn’t be me if it didn’t have some beads on it. but there are so many nice things you can make like this and it is sooo easy! The needle is sharp, and it does hurt, that is the only real danger. I am very happy to have begun my felting journey, one more thing to keep me busy!


Here are my little notebooks I made, nothing very fancy, just paper and painted card stock, but I did sew the signatures and I like the process.


And here is my center block for the Round Robin. a simple star with some puffy applique. I am looking forward to this swap, having never done one before.

Ok, I hope you had fun seeing all my different attempts!

I hope to be back with some finishes.

Have a wonderful week!



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