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Blue stars

When I made big sister a quilt, Alyssa felt the fluffy batting and sighed; I like them fluffy like this! So it was the moment to plan her quilt. She looked through my books and picked a pattern and it needed to be blue. Two weeks later this is on her bed;


I do love the simple saw tooth stars, they just have a happy feel. Actually I found the quilt like this today;


She he had spilled tea on it and washed it out and left it outside to dry. I put it in the machine of course, living in the tropics it is always a race between us and the ants as to who gets where first! You can see how very ‘fat’ the batting is. All my kids request this type of batting, which makes it impossible to FMQ. I figure they sleep under it, they might as well have what they like best.

i am also nearly finished my Leanne’s house quilt, it would be done but then I decided I will go in and FMQ the whole thing. That cannot happen today, I have to lean the house, shower the puppies, meet my daughter for lunch, do some banking and teach a couple of classes.

There is always next week, right? I hope you have a wonderful weekend and something fun to sew!

See you soon,



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Oh my!

Ok, here I go again. I will try to show you what I have made recently: ImageImageimage

I made add a new bag with beautiful linen. I use it every day and I like the look and the feel of it. I am also making a quilt for Alyssa , her choice of design and color.

Ok, typing with one finger is not so cool, I will be back when I can do better!

have a wonderful day,


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Two hot chicks sunbathing

I am trying to blog from my IPad as I. Have no other option right now.

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I am not sure where my time has gone, but I know I haven’t been on here for a looong time, so today I will just post a few pics about what I have sewn recently.

May doodle with Christine Pollhaus.

It combines easy trapunto with fabric painting, free motion quilting and lots of beads. I just love doing this kind of thing!

I made a small bag to hold my little flashcards at school. I am happy with the colors!

Three zipper bags to give to a friend, her color choice, not mine, but I like these little bags, they are very handy.

You can never have to many bags,  and I do like the dots all over!

And this bag is for me. It’s very big, it’s from Amy Butler’s Style stitches book. I can put half an elephant in here, it’s so big. Ok, maybe not, but it does a very nice job of holding a lot of extra fabric and looking pretty sitting on my new shelf. Storage and home decor in one!

My fabric post card for May. I cut up a skirt that a friend passed on to me, the fabric is so nice and shiny and I don’t wear skirts anyway.


I don’t know why I like black and white designs these days, but it does look classy. These cards are so easy and fun to make, it’s a wonderful way to try out new things on a small scale.

Have I been quilting at all?

Well yes, I finished the star quilt, but I have to show you that next time!

I am going to catch a nap before work, I hope to see  you soon!

Have a wonderful week,



P.S. Remind me to tell you about my trip to Vietnam!

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Travel bag

Hello there! I have been pretty busy, though I don’t have that much to show for it. I am on a count down to go on holidays since it has been proven impossible for mothers to relax at home during kids holidays, ha!

Here is what I made:


Stitched on linen.


This is meant to be a flower so sorts, with a pearl and beads in the middle.


The trick is that if you put glue around the flower circles first and let it dry, then the fabric will not ravel. I did the same for the leaves too, it took some time to be honest.


My latest garden!

It’s big, about 20 inches tall and holds a lot of stuff when necessary. I took it to Bangkok last weekend ,without decor obviously, and managed to put all my stuff into it. I also spilled my pureed vegetables  in it. It’s an odd feeling to sit in a bus and slowly realize that my legs are getting wet and it smells strangely of familiar veggies! So it has already seen its first wash! I will try to do better this week, no veggies are allowed to come along,lol!

So this is what I made yesterday. I am very happy to say that I also made all my medium stars, 28 stars all 8 inches wide.  Sorry, no pics yet.I did not have time to make the big ones, so it’s what I look forward to when I get back home.


My first frangipanis are blooming in the garden, I love them so much!


These ones grow on a branch that broke off a tree in my old house. I planted it and now it is a small tree itself. This is the basic frangpani, it smells wonderful and looks great. I have five different ones and these two are the first to put out flowers now that it’s getting really hot! I just find them amazing!


Look what’s drying on the front gate. Amaris’ quilt that I made her last year. The guinea pigs peed on it, so it got a wash. I love this simple pattern and would like to try in in hot colors, like orange and red.

And last but not least I got my second postcard in the mail! Thank you Tina, it’s so intricate!


I have to get ready now, tomorrow I am heading to Bangkok and Sunday to Vietnam. I will see you all in about ten days. I am looking forward to going to a nice resort with my daughter in Hoi an. I am not even sure where that is in Vietnam, but we’ll fly there and it’s a surprise for me. I feel very blessed and excited to get away for a bit!

See you all soon!

Take care,


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Well, I just have to show you all my half done projects today, because it doesn’t look like I am finishing anything very quickly right now.

I always wait with blogging until I can show you the whole finished thing, and it doesn’t work.

But I am sooo  happy to have my sewing machine back, it’s purring like a happy kitten!!


Please meet Tilda, or at least a Tilda doll. I think that will be her name, unless she gets a lot of sisters and I have to get more inventive.

I just did her eyes, cheeks and hair in the last couple of days. Her dress is not finished, she has no undies, tks, tks, and no shoes yet. But considering she lived naked for a whole month her circumstances are improving. She will be back when she feels properly dressed and photo ready.

I made another little girl, very little actually. Tilda is a good 18 inches tall or so, but this next one s about two inches.


Isn’t she cute? She will be the front of a little bag, this afternoon I hand quilted the back of the bag.

I found this book a couple weeks ago and just couldn’t resist.


I know, I know, it’s all in Chinese!!, but the pictures speak for themselves and if you’re lucky you get a couple of English words in there too!


See, we can understand it perfectly, the pictures that is!! And just in case, they tell us at the top that this is : How to make! It’s what I get for living in Asia, Chinese books!


This is the original girl from the book.

I also made some new pillow covers for the garden.


Sorry about the bright sunlight. I made the striped ones new, the dogs trample around on them all the time as they jump from the porch to the garden.


Bailey graciously offered to pose, she was rather intrigued and licked the camera and the lens full on right before this shot. I usually lay here on this bench early morning and the dogs will come and cuddle for a while. It’s a good way to start the day!

And here is what I did this morning:


This quilt is big, really big. I had to push the TV cabinet over, just to get enough floor space. And Bailey helped too, she snatched the tape and ran off with it. So I banned the dogs to the porch, but then Alyssa felt sorry for them and put up their play pen and sat them in the living room. They have two moms you know!!


I also solved my safety pin shortage crisis! I found these decent quality safety pins, smaller then I had wished, but they work very well. So I am now in possession of some 300 -400 safety pins, which should last me a while! Yeahhh!


Safety pin land! And I am still thinking how to quilt t his quilt. I think I have to quilt it quite densely as it gets heavy use.


Ok, well, now you know what I have been up to. I hope to finish this quilt next week,  that’s my goal.

Now I have to go to bed, as tomorrow will be a long day!

I hope you have fun too!

See you sooon,


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Alright, let’s see, what can I do in 15 minutes?


This is what I sewed today ( not in 15 minutes). It’s the cute and easy pattern that I showed you last time.


I really like the happy look it has! Right now it’s 60 inches square. I need to go buy a bit more fabric and give it a nice wide border!


Ok, so far so good.

I am sooo happy that my sewing machine is back from repairs!!

Now I can put together two quilt backs and get busy finishing these two. Ahhh! I feel a bit lost not finishing one thing before starting another. I also have a half made Tilda doll on my counter and ten more ideas in my head.

Sorry, I gotta run.

See you soon,


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